“Antiques Heaven"

Get out of the snow this winter when you are stuck at home with little to do, but clean house and pick up and put away. How much more fun to enjoy a warm Southern welcome, live among exquisite antiques you don't have to dust and eat sumptuously without having to carefully cleanup the good china and crystal.
----Really, for a single, less sterile than visiting a spa resort, a more friendly welcome from the natives while strolling the town just outside your door than tipping hotel staff, and a world away from the 21st century.
The historic Inn is surrounded by grounds with playing fountains and outside your window Spanish moss screens your view. Your hosts have thoughtfully provided all the amenities and are at your beck and call, but the size of the mansion allows a privacy augmented by the fact that only 3 guest suites are available. Therefore, you have the music room, library, sun porch, outside grounds, guest pantry with an icebox of drinks 24 hours to call your own.
Although not a rabid fan of decorative arts myself, one cannot help but be appreciative of the carefully selected pieces that are splendid to view, but functional as well , all to create an atmosphere that surely results in a high guest rate of return.
You cannot help but enjoy the historic town's ambience with its history of great wealth and prosperity from King Cotton, the shops full of fine pieces to own and to wear from now and yesterday.
Of course the furnishings are quite romantic for a couples getaway, too, so it is not a surprise that so many types of travelers have enjoyed this Inn/B&B and its charming hosts.
I'll be back to thoroughly relax in surroundings that are so much more authentic that today's boutique hotels where the concept always lacks the personal touch and is a movie set, not a home to which your hosts have invited you.
Lastly, as for Trip Advisor's survey question about whether it is "trendy" - this property is in a class by itself which makes it a "classic" experience that well outlasts "trends"